Resort in Zanzibar

Resort in Zanzibar for a dream holiday

The resort in Zanzibar where you can enjoy the best vacation on the Spice Island is Next Paradise Boutique Resort. It is a small tourist village adjacent to the coast on the shores of Pwani Mchangani.

This resort in Zanzibar is very recent (inaugurated in 2009) and of small dimensions ideally positioned in one of the most beautiful and peaceful areas of the Island. This resort is renowned for being an intimate and welcoming location, for its refined and Zanzabaris furnished lodgings which produce a relaxing and well-being atmosphere.

This resort in Zanzibar only has a few lodgings each of which is stylishly furnished and fitted with all comforts. Most of the bedrooms have a seascape view of the Indian Ocean, these memorable views help to make a vacation to Zanzibar blissful. This delightful resort is the ideal place to relax and forget all your worries of the everyday life and just slow down!

A holiday in this resort in Zanzibar has a particular zest. Well-being at the resort Next Paradise starts from sunrise when the sun radiates its beauty on the immaculate shores. This is the best time to have a swim in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean or go for a walk along the seashore. And after a good breakfast consisting of fresh fruit, and a variety of baked cakes and croissants and desserts tea or coffee etc. then at low-tide, it is time to go for a walk towards the barrier reef which is a few kilometers from the resort. It will be a pleasant break to see directly on the sea bed, star fish, corals and small tropical fish.

In this part of Zanzibar the tides change every 6.5 hours and as a result the seascape becomes surreal.

When the ocean recedes it leaves behind its pattern of colors that go from gleaming white to clear blue then turquoise and emerald with touches of cobalt blue where the water is deeper.

The resort Next Paradise in Zanzibar offers tailored vacations for individual demands. It is the ideal location for reinvigorating and relaxing, enjoying the splendid sea away from chaos and noise.

This resort in Zanzibar concentrates on the well-being of its guests by taking special care of them individually. Suggesting pure relaxation and pacing the holiday to individual needs so that is why there is no noisy entertainment.

The resort Next Paradise Boutique Resort is the perfect place to set off to explore Zanzibar. Besides the multicolored barrier reef and the rich sea beds which are of great interest to see. The resort staff is always available to organize tailored excursions to meet their guests demands.

From the resort, sea enthusiasts can set off on a Blue Safari to explore the fantastic sea beds of the barrier reef as the beautiful colors in this part of the Indian Ocean are incredibly beautiful. A dive in the Kizimkazi bay in the southern part of Zanzibar will be pleasant and surprising as you can come across and swim with the dolphins.

But Zanzibar is not only a tropical paradise with its immaculate beaches and transparent sea. The island has an historical background to be revealed. This Tanzanian Island is world famous for its cultivation of spices and fruit and as a result named “Spice Island” The cultivations are found in the central part of the island of Zanzibar, not far from Stone Town its Capital city. It is possible to admire vast scented fields of cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, saffron and many more. It is possible to go on a guided tour of the spice gardens from the resort.

Stone Town is an ideal destination for a cultural and shopping tour, often for souvenir hunting. It is the oldest town in Zanzibar and is on the west coast at about 40km from the resort. Coral, which in this area is easily found, was used in building the town, so that is where its name originated from. In the last centuries, it has always been a cross road of people, cultures and merchandise. The historical centre has been declared World Heritage on behalf of UNESCO.

During your stay at the resort Next Paradise in Zanzibar, one of the major highlights will be the cuisine. At meal time you will be delighted in tasting local food dishes, freshly caught fish purchased every morning from the local fishermen close to the resort at Pwani Mchangani beach. The chef provides refined and tasty dishes enriched with fresh local products especially seafood. Particular attention is paid to the cuisine as also the bakery.

Well then what are you waiting for ? If you are searching for well-being and relaxation then choose your paradise at Next Paradise Boutique Resort.