Sustainability and travel sustainable measures

Next Paradise is taking steps and action for more sustainable and environmentally friendly
accommodation. For reducing energy and minimising food and plastice waste, we have implemented
eco-friendly practices across our products and services, maintenance and supply chain.

• Making efforts to reduce the food wastage
• Waste management-focused system with composting and recycling
• Organising regulars ‘Pick up litter’ actions in the local community

• Water-efficient toilets
• Option to reuse towels

• Food provided at our property is locally sourced
• Most lighting throughout property has energy-efficient LED bulbs

• Investing a percentage of revenue back into community or sustainability projects
• Investing in education for kids from the village
• Tours and activities organised by local guides and businesses offered
• Local craftspeople are offered a platform to display their talents every week

• Green spaces and gardens through all the property
• Natural building materials
• Bicycle free rental