Honeymoon in Zanzibar

Honeymoon in Zanzibar: love on the beach

A honeymoon means enjoying a blissful, romantic and unforgettable experience.  In this tropical dreamlike setting in Zanzibar you will be enchanted by the breathtaking seascape, by the stunning colors and the  dazzling white secluded beaches.   In other words a honeymoon in Zanzibar means to explore your haven and relish every second together with your sweetheart.

If you dream of having a honeymoon in this wonderful island of  Zanzibar where astonishing colors blend into an  incomparable environment.  Then Next Paradise Beach Resort will be your ideal love nest.  At Next Paradise Boutique Resort you will find  your  own idyllic spot  to spend unforgettable moments.  It is a small and charming structure, overlooking the Pwani Mchangani beach, where you will be pampered and showed with attention all in a blissful setting.

A Honeymoon in Zanzibar  at Next Paradise Boutique Resort is completely unique.  The Hotel is distinguished for its refined and elegant lodgings which is  an important highlight for a holiday in Zanzibar.

The restaurant is the pride of the Hotel,  serving international dishes which are  skillfully made from genuine products of Zanzibar.   Unbeatable in flavor,  extremely fresh fish, delightful seafood exotic fruit and vegetables.

Special care and attention is paid to Honeymooners at Next Paradise Boutique Resort.    Offering particular service in order to satisfy all their needs during their most treasured and romantic journey.   The Honeymoon Suite is one of the special lodgings available ,  elegantly furnished with precious  hand-carved  ebony furniture and precious oriental textiles.  A place of maximum comfort where from the verandah you can admire a breathtaking seascape spacing from the lagoon to the reef.

From Next Paradise  in Zanzibar you can also be enchanted by the sunset which is spectacular and emotional, a gift from nature, as  an abundance of colors of indescribable  shades light up the sky.  In the idyllic setting the newly wedded  can unwind and relax forgetting the busy daily everyday life, enjoying the pleasure of a slow paced holiday.  Your Honeymoon in Zanzibar means taking all the time you need to totally dedicate yourself  to each other.

Far away from the hectic modern life, every moment of  your Honeymoon in Zanzibar will offer an unforgettable and romantic experience.  A swim with the dolphins in the Kizimkazi bay, a romantic walk along the shores under a sky of countless glittering stars,  a swim among turquoise waves exploring the colorful sea bed with its tropical fish and flora, the smiles and warmth of the Zanzarbaris, or a candle-light dinner surrounded by the magic atmosphere of the island.  Besides enjoying  the environment in Zanzibar you can take advantage of finding out about its vast cultural heritage.  For example,  Stone Town, which is fascinating  and the most important town which because of its ancient origins,  owes its name to the fact that coral was used to build its walls.

Do not miss out on this opportunity in having a  magic experience,  a Honeymoon in Zanzibar!   At Next Paradise Boutique Resort you will find your love nest in an idyllic spot of paradise.