Zanzibar Holidays

Holiday in Zanzibar: relax and chill out on the beach

All the tourists who travel back from a holiday in Zanzibar have different stories to tell but all have one common element :  that strong feeling of nostalgia/longing for this African paradise on earth.  Zanzibar, the Spice island,  has always been the destination of long journeys.   Not by chance,  the explorer David Livingstone set off from Zanzibar on his last mission, on his pursuit of the discovery of the source of the Nile.

A holiday in Zanzibar is made up of seascapes and unforgettable moments which narrate a world of rare beauty, and positive emotional experiences.  Zanzibar is a tropical dream come true!

In just a few words  a holiday in Zanzibar means exploring a paradise.   The sea with its array of colors, blue, turquoise, cobalt and emerald has a stunning effect on the tourist. While the dazzling white  beach that the tides broaden out of all proportions, is perfect for a healthy and regenerating break.  Then there is the  bright lush green of the palm trees and the inland forests of the island made up of thick mangroves that extend their roots in the swamps and  the fascinating sea beds.  All this in a placid and relaxing atmosphere which makes Zanzibar a favoured destination for peace and well-being lovers.

Best periods of the year for a Holiday in Zanzibar  are from mid June to mid March.  Except for the wet season when there is light and heavy rainfall.

For tourists travelling to Zanzibar a malaria prophylaxis  is recommended.    Actually,  it is not so common to contract the disease during a vacation on the coast..  However, a few simple and basic precautions can eliminate the risk without need of vaccination.  For example the use of  mosquito repellent sticks and long sleeved clothes.

The local currency in Zanzibar is the shilling. One euro corresponds to about 2000 – 2200 shillings (tsh).  In any case during your holiday you will notice that both dollars and euro are accepted. However, the credit card it not so commonly used in Zanzibar.

The local language is the Swahili, but English is very popular, too and it is not unusual to hear Italian spoken on the coast.

For your holiday in Zanzibar you need a passport which is valid for at least 6 months and the tourist visa costs 50 US dollars.   This visa can be obtained through the Tanzanian Consulate in your county or at the airport on arrival.   On your return, an airport tax fee of 30-38 euro is requested and is paid before boarding.

It is advisable to keep this sum aside in order not to waste time at the currency exchange office.

Your Holiday in Zanzibar sums up many different experiences.  The sea with its multi-colored sea beds and the immaculate beach which seems like talcum powder are the principal elements of this island.  But Zanzibar also has culture, an uncontaminated environment rich in flora and fauna worth exploring.  Among the places to visit during your holiday in Zanzibar there is Josani Forest National Park  an inland  wildlife reserve where there are cute and mischievous monkeys known as Red Colobus. And Stone Town the most populated town of Zanzibar and  where the historical roots of this island are found.

During your Holiday in Zanzibar you cannot miss to go on a visit to Stone Town which contains all the perturbing charm of the decline of this island which was once a meeting point and  crossroad for Spice, Ivory and Slave Merchants.  Among the scents of many spices, the crowded markets, its maze of narrow lanes, colonial buildings,  the mosques and minarets:   Stone Town offers a kaleidoscopic scenery…  From the lanes you can get  glimpses of the famous  Zanzabaris street doors, hand carved in wood and bronze while on the side the inevitable “baraza” a stonework bench,  a typical architectural element in the Swahili homes, which can be inviting if you need a break during you visit.   The historical center has been included among the  sites of the World Heritage.

During your holiday to Zanzibar, a visit to Prison island is really worthwhile.  Opposite Stone Town, it is a small islet  which is famous for homing the giant turtles that originated  from the Seychelles and for the old prisons used during the colonial period.

But a Holiday in Zanzibar means enjoying  unique hospitality while staying on this enchanting island,  all in the  idyllic surroundings of  Next Paradise Boutique Resort, a structure of small dimensions but with a great charm.

This idyllic spot directly overlooking the dazzling white Pwani Mchangani  beach,  guarantees a Holiday in Zanzibar in a refined and welcoming environment. An ideal spot to relax and reinvigorate after a long day in the sea exploring the wonders of Zanzibar.

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Welcomes international clients and is well-known for its cuisine which uses only fresh genuine local products for its specialties and is always ready to satisfy the demands of their clients with the kind help of the staff.

Upon request we can organize all inclusive trip to Zanzibar, including flight and excursions.  Please ask for a quote, now, for your Holiday to Zanzibar.