Beach resort in Zanzibar

Beach resort in Zanzibar for your dream vacation

If you are searching in Zanzibar for the beach resort of your dreams then Next Paradise Boutique resort is your destination!

This beach resort is located on the eastern coast of Zanzibar, on the peaceful shores of Pwani Mchangani which is a quiet fishermen’s village and far away from chaotic tourist areas of the island.

The beach resort, Next Paradise, is of small dimensions adjacent to the coast and integrates perfectly with the unspoiled environment.  The fine dazzling white sand and the extensive crystal clear lagoon is  just a few steps away from the bungalows while the barrier reef is a few kilometers away.  With the low tide the shores of the lagoon extend enormously as a result the barrier reef can be reached on foot.  Guests of the beach resort in Zanzibar Next Paradise can take advantage of this particular time and enjoy a relaxing walk to the reef.  The crystal clear water will have a refreshing effect on the legs and will be gratifying for the heart and soul.

A vacation in this beach resort in Zanzibar consists in feeling comfortable in an uncontaminated and cheerful environment, slowly paced at every change of tide, and the sounds of the backwash of the ocean and of the seagulls.  It is an ideal place to cut off from the busy everyday life to regenerate the mind and soul.  A place where the guest’s needs are a priority so that your holiday is truly unforgettable.

From this beach resort in Zanzibar you can set off to explore the sea and the fascinating coral reef. To help you explore the island, Next Paradise organizes various excursions in Zanzibar.  Blue Safari for snorkeling at the colorful reef, a trip to Kizimkazi where you can swim with the dolphins. Or to Pemba a nearby island for snorkeling where the multicolored  sea bed is unique.

Scuba diving enthusiasts will certainly have fun choosing from a variety of excursions, even at night time!    Not far from the beach resort, for  wind enthusiasts, there is  kite surfing at Kiwengwa beach where the structure is well-equipped in order to do this exciting sport.

Next Paradise Resort on the shores of Zanzibar organizes personally tailored excursions for individual demands.    

But the Spice Island does not only have dazzling white sand beaches and a turquoise sea.  Zanzibar  has many  interesting cultural spots.  Vast fields where spices are cultivated are easily reached from the Beach Resort.   There tourists are tempted to guess the scent of the berries and indentify the plants of the various spices:  pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, caraway seeds/cumin, anise or the ylang ylang tree.

Stone Town is not far from  Next Paradise the Beach Resort in Zanzibar.  Besides it being the Capital city of the island its historical center is a World Heritage site.   Wandering through its colorful and scented  lanes admiring the old colonial houses, the skillfully carved street doors, the minarets on the mosques or seeing the birthplace of Freddy Mercury.

It will crown your vacation in Zanzibar!