Zanzibar, your holiday destination

If you are you searching for a hotel in Zanzibar that is a small peaceful oasis where you can relax and “switch off” from the daily chaos and frenzy.  Then, Next Paradise,  this gracious hotel in Zanzibar, corresponds to this description.

It nestles in a fascinating location, overlooking the gorgeous Pwani Mchangani beach.  This small Zanzibaris styled  boutique-hotel is  truly enchanting and evocative being situated in the tropical scenery of the Indian Ocean of Zanzibar.

This delightful hotel  on the eastern coast of Zanzibar, which looks onto a turquoise-emerald colored ocean, is the ideal place for those who are in search of a peaceful, well-being holiday.   Far away from huge tourist resorts and crowded beaches.  In this resort, your holiday is adapted to suit your personal requirements together with  friendly  and caring staff who will be ready to satisfy your needs.  The style is informal and the philosophy of this small hotel in Zanzibar is make the tourist feel at home and to be showered with attention by the staff in a cheerful and discreet way.

Inaugurated in 2009,  the interior of  this hotel in Zanzibar is a mix of local and contemporary styles: As a result it is harmonious, spacious, distinctive and furnished with the maximum luxuries.  Due to the dimension of the structure, everything is at hand but without any invasion of privacy between each of the residences, which are only a few steps away from the beach as also  the bar, restaurant,  swimming pool and reception.

A holiday in this hotel in Zanzibar follows the slow, untroubled and natural pace of the island of Unguja (local name of this major island of the archipelago) It is easy to be pampered by this hotel in Zanzibar which allows its guests to conduct their stay  in freedom and according to their wishes and pace.  The restaurant opens at 8am and is at your disposal all day.

The restaurant is certainly the pride of Hotel Next Paradise where one can enjoy delicate refined dishes that mix flavors and tastes from the local traditional to international cuisines.   Using all the local genuine ingredients the strong taste of Zanzibar comes through.  The fish, the rare seafood, the color and smell of the spices, the exquisite sweetness of the tropical fruit which are incomparable in desserts.

From this Hotel of Zanzibar you can enjoy the enchanting sea, or discover “The Spice Island” one of the many names given to Zanzibar.  At Hotel Next Paradise guests can enquire about specially tailored excursions where you will accompanied by the internal staff.

In this captivating spot in Tanzania it is impossible to refuse to go on a Blue Safari, you can swim with the dolphins in the Kizimkasi bay, or go snorkeling along the barrier reef, discovering the crystal clear seabed of Mnemba which is a real paradise for diving enthusiasts.  Stone Town, the capital city of Zanzibar, is less than 50km from the hotel.  It is a crucial point  for the economy of Zanzibar with its bright eastern markets, its streets are a maze of lanes, together with elaborately carved street doors, mosques and colonial buildings.  These numerous glimpses of the town are emotional and fascinating.  The charisma and history of Stone Town has been acknowledged by  UNESCO who have inscribed the historical center in  UNESCO’s World Heritage list and it is certainly worthwhile visiting during a holiday in Zanzibar.

So what are you waiting for? At Hotel Next Paradise  you can expect to find plenty of sunshine, a crystal clear ocean,  an uncontaminated environment and all the pleasure of a carefree holiday.  Hakuna Matata which means no problem in the native language.