Info from the Island

As a Tropical Island, Zanzibar benefits from wonderful weather for 12 months a year; secondly, compared to Europe, there is only one to three hour time zones (depending on daylight saving time),  therefore there is no uncomfortable jetlag, you can enjoy an absolutely pleasant tropical climate.

It is never sweltering particularly on the North East coast thanks to the influence of the monsoon winds.

The yearly average minimum temperature is 29° C while the maximum average is 32.5°C. For those who are interested in spending a holiday in Zanzibar we can say that anytime of the year is perfect, except for April and May because of the rain season.

The sea is always hot (26°-28°), the day is almost perfectly divided in two, 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness.

Zanzibar is a phenomenon for its tides. High and low tides alternate every 5-6 hours according to the moon.